The Chill of Fall Brings Rodents Inside

With the lush beauty of Middle Tennessee it’s a wonder why rodents would choose to live inside a home, rather than out in nature during the fall season. As you’re enjoying the final few hot days of the year, don’t forget to prepare your house for the potential pest invasions of Autumn.

There are many reasons why rodents move indoors when the weather chills. One of the most interesting motivators for rodents to move is the heat inside the house. Rodents must eat all of the time to keep their body temperature consistent. When the weather gets cooler and the food outside becomes sparse, the rodents become cold. So, they look for food, heat, and refuge inside homes.

Rodents typically enter a home from the ground level, and then make their way up to the attic. This is why it’s important to seal off any cracks near the foundation, windows, and doors. Homeowners can use caulk, silicone, spray foam, and steel wool to seal holes.

If you do discover rodents inside of your home, make a note of where you see the rodent or their droppings and communicate that with your pest management professional. You may not know it–but as a homeowner–you are so helpful to The Bug Man staff. We appreciate knowing specifically where pest activity has been discovered. This helps us get to the root of the problem faster.

Here at The Bug Man, we try to notate any trends that you find with pests and your house. If you frequently find a mouse population in your attic every November, please tell us. Pest management is very much a team effort.

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