Reasons Why Bug Bombs Aren’t Effective

Although lots of people call us at the first sign of a pest invasion, still others call us as a last resort after they’ve set off multiple “bug bombs” in their homes. We may know the reasons why bug bombs aren’t effective, but our customers don’t always know those reasons.

Not only are the fogging products ineffective, they are also very dangerous when used improperly. We’ve compiled a collection of resources from around the web to illustrate how bug bombs can lead to illness, injury, loss of money, explosions, and even death.

If you’ve ever wondered why “bombing the house” doesn’t seem to get the job done, read on. And, if you’re just curious and analytical like we are and want to know the answer anyway, you can go ahead and read on, too. ūüôā

    • Fogging or “bombing” a house cannot get into the cracks and crevices. Pests live and breed in the cracks and crevices. So if the bomb can’t get into where they hang out, then they don’t die.
Take bed bugs, for example,¬†a recent study reveals¬†that after three foggers were used in a living space, few–if any–bed bugs were eliminated. The bugs just retreated further into the mattress or sheets. The bed bugs didn’t die and the consumer wasted their money…three times.
    • Fogging has little to no residual effect. When a room is fogged, it effects what is active in the open area of the room at that time. It does not do anything to combat any pests that move around in the future. There’s no long-term effect.


    • Foggers purchased at stores often aren’t specially formulated to kill the bugs you have. May foggers are very generalized and claim to kill flying insects or crawling insects. And, in the case of bed bugs, they can be resistant to the chemicals used in foggers.

As you can see, foggers aren’t all that reliable. In addition to that, they are often unsafe. We have read numerous stories about people who blew up their homes after setting off multiple bug bombs inside.¬†Aerosols¬†are flammable. Here are a few examples:

    1. validates that a homeowner blew up his house in Cailfornia after setting of 19 bug bombs. After the explosion, there was more than $150,000 in damages.
    1. also reported that another San Diego homeowner set off 18 bug bombs. After the explosion, roaches were still crawling around his house.
    1. After 36 bug bombs were used in Australia, a massive explosion blew the back wall of a restaurant and lifted the roof off. Over $500,000 in damage was reported.
    1. While trying to eliminate fleas, a homeowner set off four flea bombs, resulting in an explosion and a fire in her apartment. There was $25,000 in damage to the building and $1,000 in damage to the apartment-dweller’s belongings.
    1. In another flea bomb story, a man nearly died from suffocating from the pesticide fumes in his house. He crawled to the threshold of his home and desperately dialed 911. The hospital staff was shocked to see him alive the next day.

If a homeowner manages to avoid an explosion after DIY fogging, they may not remember to put away food items or utensils that they have laying out in their kitchen. Then, unaware that their silverware is now laced with caustic chemicals, they sit down for a nice family dinner of Pesticides and Meatballs.

When you’re faced with an invasion of pests (fleas, bed bugs, roaches), please consult a pest control professional. It is our priority to keep you and your family safe.

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