Bug Basics: Why Do More Mosquitoes Appear After it Rains?

Ever wonder why mosquitoes are so bad after it rains? Check out our latest blog for your answer to this pesky question.Irritating, itchy, ugly, blood-sucking mosquitoes. Why do they come out in droves after it rains?

Blame it on water. Mosquito

Female mosquitoes lay “dry eggs” that need water to activate them and cause them to hatch. Lots of mosquito eggs hang out on the inside walls of containers waiting to be hatched into action by a passing rain shower.

From tires in the yard, to buckets, to birdbaths, mosquito mommas-to-be target areas that collect standing water. After the “dry eggs” get wet and hatch, they mature in to adult mosquitoes in a matter of days, fully able to torture and torment you.

We found a great video clip from the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe that illustrates how quickly mosquito eggs hatch when activated by water. Check it out on our Facebook page at facebook.com/TheBugManTN.

Or see it here…


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